Picking Your PJ’s

Whatever the name one chooses to call their night garment, buying men’s sleepwear online is as easy as it gets these days. But a look at the origins of the pyjama craze is essential if one is to understand why it is so popular today. The word comes from a Persian word that loosely translates to leg garment. In the southern parts of Asia, they were worn by both the male and females. They consisted of loose fitting silk trousers and matching jackets. Most of the time they were tied around the waist using a string as a two piece garment. They were worn while sleeping or relaxing in the evenings in the comfort of home.

They are made of soft fabric, most of the time a combination of silk and cotton, for the maximum comfort while sleeping. The market for selling specialized clothing for men is growing. For instance, one can find cheap men’s swimming trunks in places where they would normally only find swimming costumes for women. But this was not always the case for the pyjamas.

At the turn of the century during the early days of the development of men’s sleepwear, women were not allowed to wear them. People at that time did not think it appropriate for women to wear them, instead having them wear their night dresses. Popular designers like Coco Chanel made it acceptable with new revolutionary designs and soon even the women began indulging. This trend was somewhat similar to what happened with swimwear, with women versions being developed slowly. Today one can find cheap swimwear for men and women. Coco Chanel made it slowly acceptable for women by making various versions of pyjamas to be worn for different occasions. The designers made versions for wearing at home in the evenings, together with beach versions that could be worn while on a beach during the holidays.

The evolution of pyjamas means that there are many different types of men’s boxer shorts for sale. The traditional pyjamas consist of a trouser together with a matching jacket. They are made of soft fabric like silk or cotton to make them comfortable and ideal for lounging and sleeping. Contemporary pyjamas are garments that derive their inspiration from the traditional forms of pyjamas but have some variations. Designers can make them short sleeved, or have the trousers varying in length. The variations make them suitable for occasions that are not in the confines of the home in the evening or in bed. Some of them are worn by children as they play either in the house or outdoors. In the same vein, there are similar garments to the pyjamas that are used as what one would call day wear. They are normally worn by women and consist of short or sleeveless light garments. They can be blouses or trousers and good examples are Capri or hostess pyjamas. In some parts of Asia though, they don’t care for the variations and modifications. A visit to some places in China can be a culture shock when a tourist sees adults in the streets in the evenings or afternoons walking the streets in traditional pyjamas with their friends.

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