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Producing high quality, genuine handcrafted, tailored garments and accessories, RM Williams is the iconic choice for those looking for a bit of classic country style but with the fine trimmings and luxury material of high end fashion and style.

The most popular garment to come out of classic country wear and transcend onto street fashion is the humble flannelette shirt. Flannelette shirts have become a staple in almost every wardrobe around the globe. Since being paraded by celebrities in Hollywood, the flannelette shirt has been an in demand item of clothing and with its versatility, practicality, and style, it makes sense.

Those interested can buy Flannelette shirts online from a number of great online clothing stores. Items vary in price and colours, and there is definitely an option to suit any body shape, style, or occasion. Flannelette shirts are perfect for outdoor wear as well as for work, being a popular item among construction workers and tradesmen. The majority of flannelette shirts come with the trademark plaid or checked pattern and in the most popular colours of red, blue, and green.

Flannel shirts are often teamed with jeans and Timberland style boots for a casual look that has been inspired by the workwear look before moving on to becoming a popular street style.
These shirts are made from soft flannel material which ensures breathability and comfort, with most featuring full button trims and chest pockets. Flannelette shirts come in either long or short sleeves, and can easily be dressed up or down.

There are many online fashion stores and warehouses which also provide the stylish and comfortable flannelette shirt and may range from work wear comfort to day wear street style with country flair.

Nothing says quality, style, and comfort than a flannelette shirt; it is a staple in women’s country wear as well as being both functional and versatile. If you are opting to purchase one of these wardrobe staples, then be sure to select a garment of quality. You can browse and purchase either flannelette shirts at the official RM Williams website, or visit the number of online clothing boutique stores and warehouses which offer a range of country style clothing. They produce a good range of shirts and other items of wear at high quality and style, and guarantee authenticity and genuine material.

When purchasing flannel style clothing from an alternative stockiest, be sure to review the labels and care tags to ensure that you are receiving a genuine item. RM Williams clothing and accessories are made to last, so if you end up purchasing an imitation then you’re are not getting your money’s worth or wear out of that purchase.

As with other high end retailers and brands, buying genuine articles of clothing from in-store is the best option to ensure you are getting the real deal.

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